As of today I have taught the Fundamentals class to approximately 1,600 students. Over the past ten years there are several truths that have become perfectly clear:

The Fundamentals class is the most important class a student can take because it is the foundation for everything that comes after.

Often these classes are taught by an intern or someone who is not an experienced photographer or teacher.  This means that what is taught is often incomplete or just simply wrong.  As a student tries to apply what they "learned" in these classes it leads them down a series of dead ends which results in them failing repeatedly and then they just quite trying.
The biggest obstacle to beginning this process is being able to use their very expensive / complex camera, that is what makes the one to one classes necessary. 

In short, group classes regardless of size, don't work and they are a complete waste of the student’s time and money.

All of the Beginning / Fundamentals classes are arranged to work with the student's schedule and designed specifically for how each student learns. The private classes are far more effective because questions can be answered throughly and the skills learned "stick"..
The classes progress depending on what the student already knows and how quickly they learn. At first we cover how to operate the camera and the basics of digital photography - homework is given. After the student has a good grasp of how to operate the camera, they will be introduced to more variables which broadens the creative possibilities and how to deal with real world challenges - homework is given. We will cover how to use the basic tools in Photoshop as the classes progress.

Each class will begin by reviewing the previous session’s homework.

Eight hour Introduction to Photography $650.00
Four hour Introduction to Photography class $380.00

These private sessions are arranged to fit your schedule, are designed to address your goals, how you learn, work flow and creative questions... 

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