PhotoArts California / PhotoArts Marin were created because the best way to master your camera and reach your craft skills and artistic goals is by taking private classes. These proven successful classes have been constructed to work with anyone anywhere in the world.

PhotoArts Califronia offers a major change how photography classes are taught. This all began eleven years ago in 2007 as the Northern Califronia Center for the Photographic Arts which became PhotoArts Marin when I moved to Marin County. As PhotoArts Marin I have taught approximately 1,600 students, via Living Social, Groupon and Amazon, originally in small, now private in person classes. The transition to private classes came about when it became very clear that group classes simply do not work.  The complexity of learning the camera, the inability to throughly answer a person’s questions, the unique way every person learns and a long list of other factors led me to transition to teaching only private classes which have been very successful. Early in 2018 I began teaching via one-to-one live streaming classes though PhotoArts California. Until now, reaching outside Marin County has been limited by time and distance, now a student can now take  a high quality photography class anywhere in the world, while sipping their morning coffee or afternoon tea. I thoroughly understand that is a totally new way of teaching photography but I can say with absolute confidence it works.

   I believe that photography is a truly unique art form capable of both clearly capturing the real world and as a tool for fanciful artistic expressionism.  Every image is as unique as its maker and there is no substitute for the commitment to create the best image possible and photoshop is used to enhance a good image or create something wonderful..  Glen Graves

Pat Ward is my student from Pompano Beach Florida and she puts the “how” and “why” these classes work better than I ever could.

We are only limited by our imagination. 

Four hour Introduction to Photography a/o Photoshop class $380.00
Cost per two hour class after the first is $180.00