Eleven years ago I began teaching organized classes in Photography / Photoshop and it became very clear that group classes simply do not work.  After teaching close to 1,600 student, I realized that the complexity of learning the camera and maneuvering ones way through Photoshop can can only be taught by asking and answering each student’s unique questions. Until now, reaching outside Marin County to teach Photography/Photoshop has been limited by time and distance. 

     PhotoArts Califronia is offering Private Live Streaming Photography/Photoshop classes. Now a student can now take  a proven successful high quality photography class anywhere in the world, while sipping their morning coffee or afternoon tea. These classes have been well tested on a range of students and they have been proven successful.  

   I believe that photography is a truly unique art form capable of both clearly capturing the real world and as a tool for fanciful artistic expressionism.  Every image is as unique as it’s maker and there is no substitute for the commitment to create the best image possible and photoshop is used to enhance a good image.  Glen Graves

We are only limited by our imagination. 

Four hour Introduction to Photography a/o Photoshop class $380.00
Cost per two hour class after the first is $180.00

Online teaching is a proven way to personally reach students throughout the country and the world. They can take on vastly different characters and this is an approach that is relaxed and successful.